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Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise the Bispotti
Published By danibush4 on 2011-09-08 4270 Views

The Bispotti piñata is a fairly easy piñata to receive. It resembles a lady bug with a blue face and pink-red wings. I will cover how to make this piñata your own, how to romance it, along with the variations of this piñata as well.

The Bispotti will appear after you have one flower growing in your garden. It will visit your garden when you have two flowers growing. In order for it to become a resident piñata in your garden you must have three poppies growing. This is fairly easy as it is normally poppies that you start off with in your garden.
Breeding the Bispotti piñata is fairly easy.

There are only two romance requirements for this piñata. The first is it has to eat a daisy flower. The second requirement is that there needs to be a Bispotti house in your garden. From the menu click on the builder select the Bispotti home it will cost you about 165 chocolate coins so it is one of the cheaper homes in this game. Once the house is set and your two Bispotti piñatas have eaten a daisy a pink heart will appear above their heads. This means they are ready to romance. Select them and you will be able to access the mini game. In the mini game you must collect a set amount of hearts and avoid the bad guys in order to win. Keep breeding this piñata in order to become a master romancer.

There are three wild card variations that you can have of the Bispotti pinata once you become a master romancer. One of the variations is that your Bispotti pinata will have curled feelers. Another variation is that your pinata will have bumps on its wings. The last variation of the Bispotti pinata is frills around its face. You will know a wild card variation because when the egg is hatched there will be a star by its name.

The Bispotti pinata can learn two tricks. To get it to learn one trick you must feed it a holly bush seed.

When the drum roll happens tap the Bispotti with the trick stick and it will learn this trick. The trick stick can be accessed from the menu. To get your Bispotti to learn trick two feed it a bluebell flower, when the drum roll sounds again tap your Bispotti pinata with the trick stick.

There are three color variations to the Bispotti pinata. To achieve one of these variations feed your Bispotti pinata a bluebell seed to change its color to blue. Another color variation is to feed your Bispotti a watercress flower to change its color to green. Finally to achieve the last color variation of this pinata feed it a loaf of bread to change its color to a pink and white. Bread can be purchased at the store.

BIspotti pinatas are useful for many other pinatas as well. In order to tame a sour profitamole it must eat a Bispotti. Robeans must eat a Bispotti to meet their romance requirements. Arocknids can learn a trick from eating a Bispotti.

Some more helpful tips about your Bispotti pinata. They are scared and will run away from Robeans, Mousemallows, Arocknids, and Lickatoad pinatas. The Bispotti pinata does not like honey. To fill the Bispotti candiosity meter fairly quickly feed it daisies, buttercups, bluebells, and snowdrops.


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